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Global Grant Qualifications

GG Qualification Instructions and Materials

Friday, July 23, 2021 By: John D. Merkel


DMG Qualified

To qualify for GG's you must first be qualified for DMG's. To do that go back to the District Committees listing and open the "2021-2022 DMG Qualifications Instructions" page.


Club-TRF Memorandum of Understanding

Your Club President and President Elect for 2021-2022 must both authorize the Club-TRF MOU. If your Club does not have a President Elect, or if your President and President Elect are the same person, you cannot be qualified for Global Grants. You must have both a President and President Elect who are different persons. This is a TRF requirement that the District cannot overrule.

Click Here to Download a Copy of the Club-TRF MOU

Print it out, have your 2021-2022 President and President Elect sign, scan or photograph it, and email it to the District Foundation Steward.


Grants Training

Your President and President Elect for 2021-2022 must complete Global Grants training. Log in to before starting the training.

Click here to access the Grants Training module in the Rotary Learning Center

Alternatively check in to the Learning Center on, search for "grants", and select the "Grant Management Overview."

The training consists of 9 separate modules and is estimated to require about 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete.


Listing of GG-Trained Presidents and Presidents Elect

Click Here for GG-Trained Presidents and Presidents-Elect  List 



GG-Qualification Status

If your club has completed the three requirements above, a red star will appear in the "GG Qualified" column, indicating that you are qualified to participate in GG's. 

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