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DACdb Support
      DACdb Support

The DACdb Support Committee aids clubs and the district with effective and secure internal electronic communications. It also assists with electronic external communications within the district by guiding clubs in using DACdb websites.
  • Encourage effective electronic communications by district clubs and other district entities.
  • Ensure compliance by all distrct entities with Rotary Guidelines for Effective Communications and Federal and State law.
  • Support the district DACdb website.
  • Train club and district leaders in the effective use of our Club/District database (DaCdb).
  • Operate a Help Desk for members who use the Club/District database (DaCdb).
  • Ensure that all member information is secure and used only for Rotary Business.
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James R. Lang
James J. Satterwhite
New Haven
Douglas K. Lisk
Dale T. Moore
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